Beyond: Generosity that Reaches


Pastor Alvin shares a 5 week series on going Beyond what we see with our human eyes to experience what God has for us.

Book of Daniel

During this five week study of the Book of Daniel, we will talk about how to live Godly in an ungodly culture. As culture changes, discover that God doesn't.

Easter at The Bridge


He turned water into wine, calmed a storm, made a blind man see, a crippled man walk again. So why do we sometimes lack the faith to believe that God can do a miracle in our own lives? What would it take for you to believe?



God has a purpose for us. We live for the honor and glory of the God whom we serve. We are called. We each already have a call of God on our lives and are not here to just live our life and watch others make a difference. We are urged to live worthy of the calling we have received. So if your to leave to the next generation what your doing now, what does that look like? What and how will you leave your legacy?